The 4-Hour Bookkeeper

If you’re a small business owner, your business finances can be simple and easy to track when you have a proven system designed specifically for you. It’s even better when you can generate a complete financial picture in only 4 hours per month. Mastering your cash flow has never been this easy.

When it comes to bookkeeping, are your small business finances giving you big business headaches? Are you struggling to understand where your money’s coming from, and more importantly, where it’s going? Is tracking your cash flow robbing you of precious time to go out and do what you do best?

Now, there’s a system that will change all that. Yes, bookkeeping is the single most important part of a successful, thriving business, but it doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You can master this important skill without stress, and without headache.

Can business finance really be that easy and manageable?

The answer is YES THEY CAN!

Now, from author Melissa Broughton, owner of Busy Bee Advisors, a leading bookkeeping agency in Northern California, comes a new book designed for any business owner seeking a time-saving, simplified way to track and understand their business finances.

In her must-have book, Melissa calls on more than 20 years experience to show you how to master your bookkeeping so you can get back to doing what you do best.

By doing a little groundwork, and committing to 4 weekly 1-hour sessions, you can keep your business thriving and strong, because your business means your success.



5 reviews for The 4-Hour Bookkeeper

  1. Leslie Reams

    4-Hour Bookkeeper was REALLY helpful.

  2. J Thomas

    I was part of a focus group while Melissa was writing this book. Well though out and compiled. Very helpful.

  3. B Doyle

    She takes a very dry topic and makes it fun. I never thought I was a numbers person. But I really feel like Melissa make’s the whole topic of bookkeeping and finance and makes it almost easy! You’ve got to get this book!

  4. Matt M

    Insightful and incredibly helpful!

  5. Barbara B

    Hey, entrepreneurs!
    Help is on the way! Ms. Broughton has written a concise, east to follow guide for every dreamer who has started their own business,but finds out that there is an underbelly of regulations, taxes, records etc. that are not easy but are necessary. Ms. Broughton helps you out of the mire, step by step. This book belongs on every business’s resource shelf.
    P.S. I docked the author a star because a few graphics were not in bold but gave it back for the great quotes!

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